ms002-completing-first-spartan-trifectaIn this episode I wanted to talk about my experience completing the Spartan Trifecta.  I completed my third race which was the Spartan Beast on October 29th 2016 in South Carolina.  My run started at 7:30am in the morning and after I finished I felt really proud of what I have accomplished  Looking back, there was a lot of personal growth that I went through over this past year and one of the biggest goals I set to achieve was to run the Sprint, the Super and the Beast to clam the Spartan Trifecta.  It’s a great feeling and I’m sure anyone who did it that day too or have done in the past knows what I mean.  I tried to express my thoughts on this episode on what it was like for me.  I know I left out a few things but that’s ok because I can share more on them in the upcoming episodes and I feel this show will get better and better as I start to bring on guests and allow them to share their stories too.

I hope that you’ll give this show time to mature as I figure out where we will fit within the (OCR) obstacle racing world.  Enjoy the journey.



October 29th – Spartan Beast 2016 in South Carolina

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