ms003-ben-carter_can-do-attitudeIn this episode I spoke with Ben Carter who has an inspirational story on taking back his life and it’s thanks to a few friends and family members and the goal of doing a Spartan race that triggered the positive change.  Ben lost over 40 pounds and completed two Spartan Trifecta’s in 2016.  You can’t but feel inspired when you hear what he has to say.  I hope you enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • Ben frequently says O.C.R. within the conversation, for anyone who doesn’t know what O.C.R. is, it means Obstacle Course Racing.
  • Ben is a truck driver and is always on the road. Fast food was basically his every day diet because of convenience.
  • Ben was told by doctors that he had high blood pressure at a stroke level and was borderline diabetic.  He was on blood pressure and cholesterol meds for a very long time.
  • It was the loss of his father, his younger brother and almost his mother due to heart problems which made him realize that he doesn’t want the same outcome for himself.
  • Some of the excuses that Ben used to hold him back were things like:  he was overweight and out of shape; he didn’t have time to workout; he didn’t have time to eat healthy; and he used his age as a factor. He felt like he wouldn’t be able to keep up.
  • Ben started exercising and made a change in his overall diet and lost 40 pounds so far.
  • He stopped eating fast food, cut out the Mountain Dew soda and implemented better food options for his daily meals.
  • The value in quality meals has changed his taste as well where he is craving more healthier options instead of sweets.
  • No matter what obstacle Ben faces now, he seems to stay positive and focus on improving himself and others along the way.
  • His drive is to just keep moving forward.
  • Ben’s goal for 2017 is to take on the Ultra Beast!


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