ms004-haruko-outspokenIn this episode, I spoke with Haruko who has a very energetic personality and that seems to have drawn a crowd on social media.  Not everyone runs obstacle courses for the same reason and it’s good to hear different perspectives on why they run. Haruko wasn’t an athlete, she wasn’t a runner, but she decided to just start.  I hope you enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • Haruko’s first run was the Dirty Girl race that she ran to help support breast cancer awareness, although it was the Spartan Races that really started her enjoyment for obstacle racing.
  • 2014 – 2015, she challenged herself to run 52 races in 12 months. From OCR to 50k at BurningMan.
  • Haruko’s mato is Complete, Not Compete.  It is your race. It’s not about time, unless you want it to be.
  • By the time you read this, Haruko will have raced the World’s Toughtest Mudder, but she shared some tips on how she is going to run this obstacle course.
  • Haruko has two kids and is hoping that they will love the OCR lifestyle.
  • She trains on average 3 days a week, but is getting into outdoor activities to help build up the core.
  • Something that Haruko is very passionate about is the Special Spartan and she explains why during our conversation.
  • Her words come across very clear when it comes to OCR… “JUST DO IT! – don’t sit on the sidelines trying to prepare for a race.

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