ms005_goruckIn this episode, I spoke with Kit and learned about this very interested challenge called GoRuck that you may have not heard about before.  It’s a team inspired event plus a gear company all at the same time.   A challenge is like a 6 pack, it’s better when shared with friends.  This is an interested phrase and really incorporates what GoRuck stands for so sit back and enjoy the show.  Afterwards, you might even feel like rucking…

Show Notes:

  • GoRuck was founded by Green Berets Jason McCarthy back in 2008.
  • It was originally a gear company. GR1 was the first piece of gear and it wasn’t easy to become a branded name; however, back in 2010, they create an event to help showcase the gear and its quality which led to them creating challenges.  Although GoRuck started off as just a gear company, and it’s true that they promote the use of their gear, but you don’t have to have the gear to participate in their challenges. You will need at least a backpack and some weight.
  • GoRuck isn’t a bootcamp. It’s an opportunity to find out who you are while being part of a team.  You’ll be put into leadership positions where you might have to figure out how to get from point A to point B within a certain amount of time all while carrying something that the instructor suggests.
  • These events average around 30 people and you will at one point or another be working with each other during the challenge.
  • You won’t feel like this is too WOD or intense style workout; however, this is an endurance event with leadership built to the core.
  • GoRuck has levels of experience such as:
    • Light: 4 to 6 hours
    • Tough: 12 hours
    • Heavy: 24 hours
  • While you build the team, you build yourself.
  • You don’t need to have GoRuck gear to do the event, but you do need to have a backpack, some weight and water.
  • Weight you’ll need to carry is based on your own weight:
    • For the Light experience:
      • 10 pounds for anyone under 150 pounds.
      • 20 pounds for anyone over 150 pounds.
    • For the Tough and above experience:
      • 20 pounds for anyone under 150 pounds.
      • 30 pounds for anyone over 150 pounds.
  • Once you completed an event, you’ll get a patch.  Note** a patch is never for sale, it’s always earned! 

To me, GoRuck looks like an event, an experience that anyone can and should take a look at doing at some point in their life.  Based on what Kit talked about, you’ll learn some new skills, maybe make some new friends and do something that will challenge you.

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