In this episode I spoke with Tyler Perry about how he changed his life around after he completed his first Savage Race back in 2015.  The struggles that he had to deal with held him back for so many years until a few friends encouraged him to run a Savage Race with them.  It was amazing to hear how just one OCR race, like Savage, was able to change Tyler’s whole outlook on life.  Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • September of 2015 was Tyler’s first race.
  • Tyler played sports most of his life, but after college and every day training stopped, it became a downward spiral in gaining weight, hitting around 295’ish pounds before he stopped looking at the scale.
  • Tyler personally held himself back, because he didn’t want to run a race by himself.
  • As of today, Tyler has only ran Savage Races and this will be totaling his number of race to 6th before 2017.
  • One impactful change he’s been doing is instead of saying why he can’t do it any more, he’s asking himself why he’s not finishing higher.
  • Tyler gave a good point.  When running many races, keep track of the pace time vs. the over all time.
  • One of the main reasons why Tyler runs these types of obstacle races is because he wants to stay healthy.
  • Everybody starts somewhere and there always has to be a starting line somewhere.

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