In this episode I wanted to cover fitness and nutrition as part of one of your goals for 2017.  Have you written your goals out and started working towards them yet?  It’s been a week now and I’m sure many of you have already slipped on what you wrote down.  This episode is a way to kick yourself back in gear and not let the same old habits creep up and for you to finally commit to your 2017 goals.  Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • I went over the mind set of setting fitness and nutrition goals to achieve as part of your 2017 goals.
  • I recited an affirmation that I wrote back in 2007 and I feel it still holds true today.  It goes like this:
    “To strengthen oneself, baby steps will only end up at the beginning, but a leap of faith with the willingness to believe in one’s ability to master the battle of the mind will overcome any fear. Greatness will shine in the eyes of the believer”

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