In this episode I spoke with Gene Click about his ability to overcome struggle and take back his life.  It’s not uncommon for people at one point in their life to hit a setback.  These setbacks can sometimes last for a very long time. Even though Gene teaches martial arts and fitness, he found himself in his own setback, but found his way back to a happier, healthier lifestyle.  Just because someone might be a trainer doesn’t mean they don’t have their own demons to deal with.

Show Notes:

  • Gene is a trainer who has struggle with weight issues most of his life.  His struggle helps others relate and trust what Gene is teaching because they know he’s been through their struggles.  What better way to learn than from someone who has gone through it.  Gene leads by example.
  • Most of his life, it was MMA fighting that helps Gene keep his weight off, because he knew he had a fight coming up and needed to keep on point.  As the years went by, his need for fighting was changed to family life and gym ownership.
  • OCR is a fun way to get you off your butt and keep your body active. You don’t have to be just a dad or mom taking your kids to soccer practice.  There are things out there for us that we can train for, have fun with and push ourselves to a new level.
  • Listen to your body – more is not always better.  Take breaks and allow your body to recover when it’s needed.
  • Don’t give up on yourself, don’t tap out.  You can get over bumps and bruises but you can’t get over regret.
  • Gene makes a great statement about OCR.  “It isn’t called sissy day, it’s going to be hard but that’s the point. These races do a good job to make it challenging, but anyone can do them even if you want to just walk during the race, do it.  No pressure.”

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