In this episode, Andy, Jason, and I, aka¬†“The Wolf Pack” from Crossfit Winder share our experience of 17.2 of the Crossfit Open. ¬†This¬†is the second week workout of the five week series event for the 2017 CrossFit Open. ¬†Who knows, you might actually enjoy¬†this episode because both Andy and Jason had some interesting¬†point of views when we dove into the recap portion of our conversation.

This episode went a little longer than expected, but that is kind of what happens when you get around these two guys.  LOL


Show Notes:

  • Tactical Breathing Tip: 4 seconds inhale — hold for 4 seconds — then exhale for 4 seconds.
  • Either you succeed or you learn, you don’t really fail. ¬†As long as you are learning, you’re not failing.
  • CrossFit is a community of likeminded people willing to struggle as one.

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