In this episode I shared my personal experience on the 17.3 workout for the CrossFit Open 2017.  Each weeks workout has become harder but this workout in my mind was epic. It required to focus on your breathing, your mobility and strength while pushing through each section with a time cap.  I hope you take away something useful in this episode. – Enjoy!

One of the things I know that I still need to work on is my mechanic to perform a proper snatch.  Everyone has weaknesses and this happen to be one of mine.  My inability to doing it correctly (right now) hindered my weigh load that I can apply to the barbell.  I’ve attached a video showing me trying to snatch the 155 pounds which was the last section on the workout.  Before you assume this is how I always do this, understand that this video was taken during the last section of the workout.  I had not energy left in the tank so I was just giving it my all.  I won’t lie, it looks ugly and it wan’t a qualified snatch so it didn’t count but it also shows you where I need to improve on and I’m ok with that.

Nick knocked it out in style. Sean and Jason push their max and it was impressive. I was so close but was unable to finish the last section on the workout but I was close. My mechanics on the snatch needs work and it shows but overall I’m very happy with what I accomplished. 191 reps – Scaled

Show Notes:

    • Having a few people with you during the workouts help.
      • One person to monitor your rep count so you don’t have to.
      • One person to motivate you and cheer you on until the finish.
      • One of two people to help change out any weight on a barbell, etc so you don’t have to.

Photo of the 6:00AM Crew for 17.3 workout

morning crew

Sean, Nick, Travis (Me), Jason

My ugly attempt at squat snatch -155 pounds

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