In this episode I brought on a friend of mine, Brian Thomas, who participated with me in the Spartan Endurance Hurricane Heat 12 Hour in Atlanta.  To quote the words from Cookie: “It wasn’t so bad, was it?” Yes, Cookie… Yes it was, HA! That being said, we shared our experience the best we could. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • PT from hell.
  • Leading the group.
  • ACDC Thunderstruck burpees.
  • Bring Sally Up sandbag squats.
  • Time hack challenges.
  • Finding your dark places — what will break you and how will you handle it.
  • Mustard seed – never leave home without it!
  • Leaders reviled — complete the mission, but don’t leave a man behind.
  • If you can’t fix it, duck it or build something with it.
  • Just a small taste of what our military brothers go through.
  • After 12 hours can your brain still do math?
  • No patch, no metal, no shirt that can express what you earned internally with self worth.

Read my full written recap of my personal experience here:

Thank You:

  • Brian for enduring this event with me.
  • Will Carroll for sharing the mustard packets with me. *you honestly made the difference for me from either completing or DNF’ing.
  • Jason Bramblett for making the 30lbs ruck plate.
  • Andy Smith for allowing Brian and I to use his ruck bags
  • Shannon Ritter and Matthew O’Quinn for both taking video and photos during the event.
  • Cookie for putting together a crazy hard event.


PT ACDC Thunderstruck:

PT Bring Sally Up:

Photos from the Spartan HH12HR-029 in Atlanta.

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